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Education: Over the years I have involved education in my own life as a comprehensive affair. Being ultimately an Artist from my own inner journey point of view, I see “Life as Art”. Therefore, I never pursued education from a perspective as the finality of it all being an academic degree. From an experiential approach to life, my education proceeded out of living needs. As I raised a family, Psychology became my aim and I took college courses accordingly. When my husband and I went into a business together, Legal, Accounting, Public Speaking, and Economics became the order of the day. Likewise I pursued my academics in these disciplines all while raising a family and administering the family business. Religion, Philosophy, and Ethics were always my base of study from which my concern for Humanity had its expression. As I taught Religion in my own Church I took courses in Creative Philosophy, studied through a mentor on the ancient Greek Philosophers along with the more recent.

Angela Hague, Contemporary ArtistAs for painting, this I have been doing for over 40 years while studying summers under the tutorships of East Coast Painters and Sculptors and reading up on all of the European and American contemporary Masters then and now. Through it all I have accomplished my own personal insight and style of Art. When I left our family business after our children were grown and educated, I pursued experience and courses in the History of Art and Gallery Management while working as Art Director, Gallery Sales and in college faculty teaching positions in Florida.

Current Involvements: Since 1995 I have owned and operated my own Gallery in Creede, Colorado with an eye towards creating my own Art Center and private School of Learning. My husband and I have designed and built an environmental masterpiece out of adobe earth blocks sitting on a stately hill overlooking the San Juan Mountains and the San Luis Upper Valley corridor. We call it Silverthread Adobe Gallery Artspace (SAGA 149). This has been a work in progress, a continuation of the personal philosopy of our lives becoming “Living Art”. I invite you to enjoy an overall view of its development in progress by going to the Silverthread Adobe Gallery Artspace.

When I look back on my life, I cannot imagine Life being other than this. In pursuing my final years on this planet, I can't but feel its meaning and journey as being other than inspiring others in the joy and accomplishment of their very own creations. Perhaps it is the mother instinct in me, perhaps it is the admiration I feel for the teaching professions, perhaps it is my constant awe and bewilderment of the mystery I search to comprehend evolving before me never ending and still yet to come. THIS is and always has been the finality of learning for me on Planet Earth. Hopefully my works in progress have impacted, and continue to impact, others without the vestiges of having that college degree in my portfolio.

Angela Hague, Painter

Recent Shows and Exhibits:

  • The Florence International Biennale of Contemporary Art
  • Mountain Living Studio Gallery
    Manitou Springs, Colorado
  • 670 Grande Contemporary Art Del Norte, Colorado
  • Creede Repertory Theatre Gallery
    Creede, Colorado
  • Currently Represented by:
    The Calabash Gallery
    Old Colorado City, Colorado Springs, Colorado

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The Silverthread Adobe Gallery and Main Street Studio
are by appointment only.

For further information or a Catalog of Paintings,
Angela may be contacted in the following ways:

Mail: Angela Hague, 2355 U.S. Hwy 149, P.O. Box 40, Creede, CO 81130
Telephone: 719.658.2787   E-mail:

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